Create your Magazines and Guidebooks with ProductionsWay

What does our magazine and guidebook service provide?

・ Research work such as obtaining a license for video images in Italy

・ Location coordination for TV shoots in Italy

・Research into local businesses in Italy

・Coordination for the production of magazines and guidebooks

イタリア現地で映像画像の使用許諾取得など リサーチ業務
イタリア現地リサーチ業務 映像画像の使用許諾取得など
イタリア テレビ撮影コーディネート


Our previous achievements related to magazines and guidebooks

・ Italy guidebook air travel style (Partial coverage and writing)

・ Ikaros Publications Sicily Travel Tips Book (Content writing and interviewing in Sicily)

・ Blog on how to walk the earth (Sicilian correspondent)

・ Italy travel guide site “Armo Italia” (Content writing in various parts of Sicily)

・Ikaros Publications Mamma teaches Sicilian home rice (Coverage and general content writing)

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us for any requests or consultations using the inquiry form or contact details below.

Office phone number: (+39) 0902130696

Person in charge mobile number: (+39) 3288433038