Video Research

Video Research with ProductionsWay

ProductionsWay is an Italian researcher for the production of TV programs, offering services such as obtaining licenses for videos and images.

Click here to see the results of our previous production coordination in Italy and European countries.

What does our video research service provide?

・ Confirmation of rights to videos and images on Italian TV programs and the Internet, such as  licenses, license negotiations, contract agency

・ Detailed research, backing, translation, etc. of incidents and location stories that occurred in Italy

・ Negotiations for appearances with local performers, athletes, etc.

・ General research on news programs, documentaries, information programs, and variety shows


・Coordination for the production of magazines and guidebooks

Our previous video research achievements

・ TBS "Only the best knows" (Italian video rights purchase, research, translation, etc)

・ NHK General "The world is full of things you want " JUJU goes! A journey to find the ultimate pasta (General research work)

・ Fuji TV " Unbelievable " (General research work)

・ NTV "The World's Most Wanted Class" (General research work)

・ Kansai TV "Nijiiro Gene" -Jean is crazy! World Pikaichi ☆ Tour (General research work)

・ NHK BS Premium "Second Sicily" (General research work)

・ TBS "World Heritage" Etna edition, Sicilian Omnibus (General research work, image and video rights purchase)

Contact ProductionWay by email or Phone

For inquiries about video research with ProductionsWay, please email or call us.

Office phone number: (+39) 0902130696

Person in charge mobile number: (+39) 3288433038


Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form .