Shooting Co-Ordination

TV shooting coordination with Productions Way

ProductionsWay is available in various European countries, mainly in Italy.

We shoot and coordinate for TV programs, commercials, movies, and documentaries in various European countries, mainly in Italy. Working with our sister companies EprojectConsult and Sicilia Way at the center, we have built networks throughout Europe and Italy.

We support all shooting professionally, and hire not only Japanese staff but also local experienced staff who can research work before shooting, apply for shooting permission and arrange further crew hire, locations, hotels and transport.

Our local team can organise everything related to shooting such as location hunting, cameraman arrangements, cast auditions and more. 

We have highly experienced staff who will respond promptly and flexibly according to your wishes and budget.

Please feel free to contact us first.

Our previous shooting coordination achievements

・ Kansai TV program “Nijiiro Gene” (Coordination of the shoot in Sicily)

・ Nippon Television “Refreshing! (Coordination of interviews in Sicily about the mysterious phenomenon of digital clocks)

・ MBS “Chichin Puipui” (Coordination of the shoot in Sicily)

・ BS-TBS “Around the World Fascinating Railroad Trip”(Coordination of the shoot and interviews in Sicily)

・ TV Asahi “Morning Bird (Coordination of the interviews in Sicily about the eruption of Mount Etna)

・ TBS “THE World Heritage” Mount Etna (Catania, Taormina)

・ TBS “THE World Heritage” Sicilian Special Edition (Syracuse, Modica, Taormina)

・ NHK BS Premium “The Most Beautiful Moment in the World” Special When Spring Flowers Bloom

・ NHK BS Premium “The Most Beautiful Moment in the World” Special: At the time of fruitful autumn harvest (Tuscany & Umbria)

・ Guidebook air travel style Italy (Shared responsibility of the writing and coverage)

・ BS TBS “Earth superb view travelogue”

・ MBS “Chichin Puipui” Real World-kun, Vatican City, Rome, Sardinia, (Coordination of the shoot)

・ Japanese company brand CM (Production)

・ Italian apparel-related commercial (Production)

・ NHK BS Premium “Second Sicily” (Coordination of the shoot)

・ Kansai TV program “Nijiiro Gene” -Jean is crazy! World Pikaichi ☆ Tour (Coordination of the shoot in Sicily)

・ BS 12 channel “TwellV” is easy! World Travel-Mediterranean Luxury Liner Cruise, Cefalu (Coordination of the shoot)

・ NHK BS Premium 2nd Sicily: A little deep overseas travel (Coordination of the shoot in Sicily)

・ Nippon Television “Shinso Hodo Bankisha! \ Sicily G7 Summit (Coordination of the shoot in Sicily)

・ NTV World’s Most Wanted Class Milan (Coordination of the shoot)

・ TBS world comparison (Coordination of the photography)

・ TBS World Heritage “Etona” (Coordination of the shoot in Sicily)

・ NHK General “The world is full of things you want” JUJU goes! Journey to find the ultimate pasta Rome, Calabria (Coordination of the shoot in Sicily)

・ Translator POCKETALK Infomercial Rome (Coordination of the shoot in Venice)

・ BS TV TOKYO “Katsuno family goes! The finest Mediterranean cruise trip” (Coordination of the shoot in Sicily, Malta Island)

・ NHK BS Premium “Mysterious People Viking” (Coordination of the shoot in Sicily)

・ NHK BS Premium “Invitation from aristocrats” (Coordination of the shoot in Sicily)

What does our shooting coordination service provide?

・ Carrying out research work (including shooting permission, searching for material, information backing, video arrangement, etc.)

・ Location planning, shooting, location coordination in general

・ Location hunting, accompanying location

・ Applying for permission from each institution (museum, art museum, church, public institution, shop, restaurant, etc.)

・ Organizing interpretation and translation at the time of shooting

・ Providing equipment and managing casting (including auditions)

・ Coordinating of local staff

・ Arranging aerial photography

・ Organising private transport when moving

・ Arranging accommodation for the shooting crew (hotel, transportation, restaurant reservation, etc.)

・ Shooting footage and interviewing participants

・ Editing materials

Office phone number: (+39) 0902130696

Person in charge mobile number: (+39) 3288433038

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Please feel free to contact us using the inquiry form .

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